After my last volunteer event with Books & Company, they generously offered for me to use the ArtSpace to host a fundraiser. I loved to have tea parties with my sister as a child, so I thought it was a great idea to host one as a fundraiser! I began to advertise my fundraiser by giving out invitations to some of the preschools and elementary schools around town, and asked all of the girls from the Run for Fun to attend. The Prince George Citizen also phoned me to do an interview about the event, and wrote an article to advertise it in the paper. Tickets were available at the door, so I had no idea how many girls to expect! Many people were generous in providing supplies for the party, especially my Mom! Van Houtte donated cute cups and provided all of the tea. The dollar store gave me a ten percent discount for craft supplies and I used my employee discount at Michaels Craft Store to buy the crowns and decorating materials. I spent hours baking crown shaped sugar cookies and pink icing for the girls to decorate!

Setting Everything Up

Not knowing how many princess’s would be in attendance posed an unknown, but we made sure that the room was set up and ready for as many as possible. I had a small table in the entrance to collect the $10 admission and decorated the table with antique tea cups. There was a station set up for friendship and beaded bracelets, and another crafting table for girls to decorate their crowns and colour princess pages. I had a “mini manicure” area complete with nail polish in every shade of pink and nail stickers. At the back of the room we had tables set up like a little cafe where girls could sit and drink their tea after decorating a crown cookie at the centre table. On the stage I had balloons as a background to take photos with each girl.


The Tea Party

About ten minutes before we were starting at 1 o’clock the first little princess arrived. She even dressed up in a princess costume with a matching crown! While I sat down with her to decorate a crown, a journalist from the Prince George Free Press came to take photos and interview me. After this many other girls started to arrive and I greeted each one, telling them all of the activities I had planned. It was so nice seeing all of the girls enjoying themselves, making crafts, and drinking tea. I had very helpful friends volunteering; they each sat at a different station helping the girls decorate cookies, showing them how to make friendship bracelets, giving them manicures, and painting their faces. Many parents had questions about Miss Teen Canada-World and what I am doing to prepare and I was happy to explain everything. Before each child left, they came up on stage to get a picture with me, taken by BRing Photography. I think that it was a very successful day, and the kids had fun. The one little girl who arrived first was the last to leave. Her mom told me she was having so much fun that she didn’t want to go home! It felt really rewarding to know that so many girls came out to support Free the Children, and hopefully had as much fun as I did. After cleaning everything up and heading home, I’m now thinking about my next fundraiser!

Written by: Kristie Girard

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