It is so hard to believe that this year is finally coming to an end! Honestly this year has been life changing in so many ways! I have made some amazing friends, that I talk to on a daily basis,  learned so many great skills and have gained confidence that will carry me through life. I am so thankful for this opportunity I was given, and the friends I met along the way!

could not live without these girls!

It makes me so happy to walk away with three real friendships, especially because real friends are hard to find! I love these girls with all my heart! While in Toronto Dani, Herleen, Khloe and I took ridiculous selfies, photobombed every picture we could, never stopped talking and cracking jokes with each other and talking about food and sleep. (The typical things teenage girls talk about)

In Toronto my favourite part of the week was seeing the pandas and the polar bear at the zoo! I love pandas so much and these ones were just way too cute! They would pose with you in pictures or hide depending on who you were that was pretty awesome to see! Another amazing this was being on New.Music.Live and being part of the studio audience! It has been a long time dream to be in the Much Music studios!  I enjoyed being able to shop and seeing CN Tower

Dani, The Panda and I

as well! We also went to the Distillery District which is a cute little area in downtown Toronto! Where we did a scavenger hunt and ate gellato!

During our week in Toronto we had an Official photoshoot, Which was pretty cool! That is one thing I enjoyed through out the year was the photoshoots I participated in! Many with a dear friend Sharon, some with Jason at Focal Point all of which were exciting and fun! Some days I wish my mom was as good at taking photos as they are!

Through out my year as Miss Teen Prince George – World 2013 I did a lot of activities through out Prince George! A lot of appearances I made were at the mall!  I handed out candy on Hallowe’en, walked in the Santa Clause Parade, Hung out with Frosty the Snowman at the Snowdaze festival! I also was able to volunteer at a local hockey game for the Prince George Cougars, the Two Rivers Art Gallery, and Prince George Dance Festival! I also made appearances many places including The Festival of Trees, Canada Day and the Relay for Life!

Honestly this year has been so unforgettable, I am happy I took the leap to join Miss Teen Canada – World in the first place! I hope you will take the leap of faith too!

A picture from the official photoshoot!

Thank you to everyone who supported, believed and prayed for me in the past year! I am so appreciative of everything I have learned and received in the past year! I can’t wait to see what type of things will be waiting for me around the next corner! As my highschool career comes to an end and I head off to college and the real world! But no matter what happens to me in the future I will have the memories, lessons and friendships that I have acquired through out this year!

I Love You All, Never Stop Believing in Yourself! You can do anything you put your mind too!

Lots Of Love, Kisses and Hugs


Written by: Karli Ralston

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