We woke up this morning, and didn’t have to get ready at all which was nice! After having breakfast I was one of the first girls to get my hair done for the interview, photo shoot, and video shoot. I loved how my hair turned out and the guy doing it was so funny! The hair dressers were from Woody Michleb Salon, and they’re also doing our hair for the final night. Next, I went to makeup. The makeup artists from Glow Academy were instructed to do a “smokey eye” on all of the girls, and I’m not a fan of heavy makeup so I was really skeptical at first!  I loved the result, and the makeup artist that did mine really took her time to make it look perfect. Since I was one of the first girls to be done hair and makeup, I went right to my interview. It went really went and I was surprised that I wasn’t even nervous! Following the interview was the photo shoot. It was my favourite part and I had lots of fun doing it. The photo’s should be on the Miss Teen Canada website soon under finalists! I can’t wait to see the results. Finally, I went to do the video shoot. This portion was not judged, but the top 20 girls will be featured in a Miss Teen Canada video on YouTube. The questions were easy, but when they asked me who my celebrity crush is, I said Justin Bieber; I don’t even like him! His name was just the first to come to my mind. We then began to practice our walks for the evening gown and bikini portion of the competition. Tonight was our final blogging assignment, called Mentor Night. This was a live blogging exercise where we listened to the life stories of four very influential and powerful women; Dr. Archer is a dentist and mother of two, Melani Chong was a Canadian Ford Model, and the founder of Soya Boutique, Katrina Hadden is a health and wellness specialist and a size 12 model, and Alexandra Orlando is a Rhythmic Gymnastic Olympian. The blog post about these amazing women and their great advice will be posted soon! After a very long and busy day I had dinner, got ready for the events to come tomorrow, and hopefully about to get a good sleep! Don’t forget to VOTE for me!

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2 Responses to Day 2 In Toronto

  1. Hi Kristie,

    What a nice photo! It was so lovely meeting you this evening. Great writing and blogging and sharing. Keep smiling!

    Best wishes,
    Dr. Archer

    • kristiegirard says:

      Thank you Dr. Archer! It was great meeting you as well, thank you for coming and sharing your experiences with us.I learned so much and you have great advice!

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