Today I went to Books & Company to volunteer at their children’s craft event for Earth Day. I got there around 2pm and helped set up the table and chairs, and put out all of the craft supplies. As children started coming in I greeted them and told them about the craft for the day; they were making gardens using construction paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and foam flowers. The children were quite young so their creative gardens were quite interesting! Because I work at a craft store and do events like this, I loved getting involved. After the kids finished their gardens, it was story time. I had a few Earth Day inspired stories to choose from, and got to read to the children on stage. The kids were then given beans to plant for them to take home and watch grow. One of the boys was expecting the seed to grow as soon as he pushed it into the dirt, but I explained to him that it didn’t work that way; it was so cute! I then said goodbye to the children and helped clean up the mess left behind. I had a great day volunteering and I hope to help out with more events like this!

Written by: Kristie Girard

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