If given a budget to make a commercial, there are many things to consider. Starting with who you want to target; My company’s target audience is the mothers of families, they are the main consumers when it comes to buying food, as well as necessities. In all honesty a child or teenager would not think about buying a towel, and neither would a father. That would lead to the logic of targeting the mother and wife. Every company needs a catchy phrase; mine is “Every towel comes with a smile!”. As well as being mindful of the budget! This is my rendition of a commercial for Signature Towels.

First Scene – The commercial opens up to a beautiful living room with a bunch of ladies having a baby shower to celebrate the birth of a new born baby girl. The new mother has a lot of gifts but one sticks out to her the most; a beautiful package wrapped with a pink satin ribbon. She reaches for the custom box and brushes her hand over the beautiful box and unties the satin ribbon. As she opens the box her face turns to a look of awe. Sitting there in the box were a set of beautiful pink and purple personalized bath towels with the name Lily embroidered in white. The plush towels drew everyone in the room in with ohs and awes.

Second Scene – Later that day the mother laid the baby down to have a nap in her nursery,  a little while later the mother starts to hear her baby cry. In a rush she went to see what was wrong with her baby! She scooped her up in her arms but that didn’t seem to help so she took her to the living room and unwrapped the box with the embroidered towel. She wrapped her baby girl in the beautiful pink towel and almost instantly the baby stopped crying. The comfort, warmth and plush of the towel brought a smile to her face. Now happy as every she fell asleep in her mother’s arms.

Third Scene – The background turns to a solid white with the Signature Towels logo,  a female narrator says “Every Towel Comes With A Smile!” 



I think this commercial has the target to the audience that is needed and is straight to the point. I used my inspiration of my growing family with a baby due in August to my dad! I love children so it just seemed the best to incorporate one! Thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada – World 2013, third blog challenge!


Karli! 🙂

Written by: Karli Ralston

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