What a busy weekend for me! I have been so immersed in preparing for Toronto, that graduation and prom snuck up on me. It didn’t really hit me that I was really done 13 years of school, and survived 5 years of high school. My weekend was full of friends, my amazing family, beautiful dresses, and a night of dancing. Early friday morning I woke up from a short sleep; I can never sleep before big events! I went to see my hair dresser and she did a beautiful job recreating the hairstyle I chose. With almost no time to spare, I put on my graduation gown and cap and went to CN Center for the Prince George Secondary School class of 2012 group photo. It was until I was walking back out, seeing all my friends from kindergarden also wearing graduation gowns, that I really realized I was graduating. I don’t feel old enough! After listening to the principle and valedictorian speech, it was time to walk across the stage. As the list of names came closer to “G” my mind was full of worries, like tripping up the stairs. Thankfully, I didn’t! After taking countless photos with friends and family, I headed home to put on my dress, and then to the University of Northern British Columbia, to take more photos of my grad class dressed up for prom. Before heading to prom, I made my parents stop at McDonald’s, my favourite! It was so nice to see everyone looking beautiful, and all the drama from previous years among the girls was forgotten for a wonderful night at our hollywood themed prom. Right after prom was the PGSS Dry Grad, an event with a mechanic bull, game tables, blow up activities, photo booths, and everyones favourite, the hypnotist. I was planning on participating in everything, but the long day caught up to me and I was ready to leave by 3am. Graduation marks a significant time in everyones life. It is bittersweet; I am so happy to be finished high school, but scared of the unknown that comes with the future. I am very grateful to my supportive family. They have helped me stay strong through all of the stressful times and watched me grow and become who I am today. This weekend I was surrounded by my beautiful friends, family, and boyfriend, and I could not be happier… or more tired!


Written by: Kristie Girard

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Looks like fun indeed. Thanks for sharing this Kristie. I love the link to Pinterest to reference your hairstyle – well done! Your pictures are terrific and well aligned in the text and you used the events category; all this is good blogging, But sadly you forgot to give this post any keyword tags. It should be tagged with keywords like, ‘graduation, prom night, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George Secondary School, prom dress, hairstyle’ so people will better find the post in search engines. Otherwise, great work.

    • kristiegirard says:

      Thank you! I wasn’t sure how to add tags, but I have now added them to all of my posts. Thanks for your feedback!

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