On April 24th the Prince George Lakeland Mill burned to the ground, leaving employee’s, families, and the community distraught. About 24 workers were on shift in the sawmill when the loud explosion shook the building  and engulfed it in  flames. The men fought through the flames in attempt to escape. This devastating fire took the lives of two men that night. After talking to some friends that had a family member working that night, I began to understand the effect that the fire had on all the workers. Some men were not physically hurt, but the emotional impact was tragic. The workers described the gruesome atmosphere of the fire in many newspaper articles  and the community began working together immediately after to raise money for the family’s involved. Only a week after the fire the Lakeland Fire Assistant Fund had reached $50 thousand and has continued growing. As of May 9th the fund has raised more than $100 thousand. On May 15th CNC  held a fundraiser raising over $15 thousand, where it was announced that the artists who received honorariums at the Arts and Culture Night that I participated in were donating $1000 to the fund. Also, the store that I work at, Michaels Arts and Crafts, held a fundraiser. We had a table set up where customers could come and make 2 friendship bracelets, one to keep and one that would be given to a family member affected by the fire. Bracelet making was by donation, and I had fun helping out with this event as Miss Teen Prince George! It was amazing seeing how a community can come together in the event of a crisis and be so generous towards one another.

Written by: Kristie Girard

2 Responses to Prince George Lakeland Fire Fundraiser

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Kristie well done. this is close to being professional blog quality. The post is technically perfect but it lacks one thing – personality. How did the tragedy affect you personally? Anecdotes also use paragraphs to separate thoughts. Also the prime keyword here is Prince George Lakeland Mill Fire – if you put that snippet in title (+ Fundraiser), and in headers, text, link, image titles etc you will get pg1 Google presence for that search term and as result 10x more traffic.

  2. kristiegirard says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I did add a little about a man I know who was involved to make it a bit more personal. I also changed the title. Thanks!

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