For my Look Good Do Good Feel Good Video, sponsored by Canada’s Best Professional Hair and Beauty Studio, I wanted to surprise my co-worker and friend Susan. Susan is an inspiration to me because of her caring heart and compassion that she has shown towards me and others. I thought it would be a perfect way to show her my appreciation, especially because my platform is compassion. For the past two years that I have worked at Michaels Arts and Craft Store, Susan has always been kind to me and interested in my goals in life. When the winter weather conditions were bad, she was concerned about me driving home on the snowing highways, so she offered me to stay with her in town if I ever felt uncomfortable driving. Susan recently went through a serious surgery and thankfully, was very strong in her recovery. When I surprised her with the limo and flowers, it was the first time I had seen her since her surgery. The look on her face when she answered the door was the most rewarding. During our ride in the limo she kept repeating, “Who knew our little Kristie could do this!” I don’t think Susan realizes how much her support means to me! While we were filming the video, my sister Shawna and brother Jackson came along. To our surprise, Susan’s niece was an old friend of Shawna’s, so the two of them had fun catching up in the limo. While we were enjoying our ice cream, I explained how the pageant works and they seemed very excited to hear about it. Before we said our goodbye’s, Susan and her sister brought out some freshly made Egg Rolls for my family to take home. They were so good! The evening couldn’t have gone better, and filming this video is now one of my favourite memories from preparing for the pageant. Also, I would like to thank Sweet Dreams Limousine¬†for donating an hour in the limo! The video would not have been possible without their support. And once again, thanks to my wonderful family for their never-ending support!¬†Please go to my video and “heart” it to help me in the Look Good Do Good Feel Good Video Competition

My wonderful siblings, Shawna and Jackson

Written by: Kristie Girard

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