I was up early this morning at 4:30 to get ready to board the plane to Toronto at 6:30! I met with three other BC delegates and we flew together. The flight wasn’t too long, and we went to the hotel right after. I was given my room number, and met my roommate Hailey Kloot, Miss Teen Southern Alberta! We organized our clothes and lined up our numerous

pairs of shoes, then went to registration. After handing in my essay and forms, we all were given our new sashes with our province on them. I am now back in my hotel room hungrily awaiting dinner after living off of Starbucks for the past 24 hours! Also, VOTING for the Miss Teen Canada “People’s Choice Award” has begun! The delegate who receives the most votes will automatically be fast-tracked to the top 20. To vote, please follow the link, enter your email in the bottom right corner, and sign up to become a voter! I’d like to thank everyone once again for their support, because without it I wouldn’t be here. I am so excited for the rest of the week and all of the experiences to come.

Written by: Kristie Girard

7 Responses to My First Day and How To Vote

  1. Jane Girard says:

    We are so proud of your hard work in getting there! Enjoy this time of your life:) lots and lots of love from all of us at home!

  2. Rob Campbell says:

    Glad you made it to Toronto safely Kristie Girard. Get your sleep for a big week!

  3. kristiegirard says:

    Thanks Rob! Going to sleep right now, looking forward to meeting you this week!

  4. maureen Miller says:

    Fantastic Kristie,
    Keep up your great attitude! 🙂

  5. Barbara Dawson says:

    Good luck Kristie, keep up your work ethic and that lovely smile … will be voting for you as soon as I figure out how haha !! love Gam xo

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