Hey Canada! When it came time to choose my platform it was really hard to narrow down what i really wanted to focus on. I had a lot of choices some of which were Self- respect, confidence and body image, Self harm awareness, as well as bullying. I chose to do bullying because from the time I was seven i have been a victim of bullying. I have come face to face with many types of bullying: everything from cyber bullying, name calling to physical bullying. It started with simple things like name calling and as I got older it turned for the worse when high school started it is cyber bullying, and saying hateful things behind my back as well as more recently physically ordeals. Bullying is still something I face on a daily basis. There are times when I don’t want to go to school but I get through it and still have confidence. I learn to live with this and be confident in all situations. The Miss Teen Canada Regional Pageant helped me with my confidence.Confidence is key when it comes to fighting bullying! If you show confidence the bully will get bored and leave you alone! It is inevitable that you will face bullying at some point but I want to help make that change for generations to come. Help me stand up against bullying!

Written by: Karli Ralston

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