I have dreamed of going to Japan since I was eight years old, and now that I have come back, I am already planning my second trip. When people ask me: “How was your trip to Japan, Karli?” I honestly can’t sum up the time I spent in Japan in words. The entire trip left me speechless. I met so many amazing people, ate some very strange food and went to some very awesome places. Two weeks just wasn’t long enough, and I wish I was still there.

During my stay in Japan I went to the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan! at a height of almost 2000 feet! We went to the 350th floor! We went to many different prefectures including Enoshima, a little island area with a boardwalk, a beach and surfers. Kamakura, which houses the tallest seated Buddha statue in the world at 47 feet. We also went to  Kawagoe prefecture, which ressembles a cute village town. The Ghibi museum, which is director and animator Hiyao Miyazaki’s own creation based on his animated Japanese films some popular ones includes My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away. This was one of my favourite places to visit!  We also went shopping in some of Tokyo’s best shopping malls including: Shibuya, Harajuku, Omiya, and Sunshine 60. We spend a day in  Tokyo Disneyland, which was amazing because it was my first trip to a Disneyland ever! We went down splash mountain twice, and saw monks on a roller coaster! We went to The Edo museum which is a renowned history museum. Saitama Children’s zoo, which was amazing, it had a lot of animals you don’t see in zoo’s often! Like red pandas, kangaroos, koalas, and sloths!


We also went to Asakusa, We visited the Sensō-ji  which is the most famous Buddhist temple in Japan! It is surrounded by a bunch of little shops and stalls with an array of different souvenirs! Many people around Asakusa were dressed in traditional kimono! It was so beautiful there! I would like to go again to see everything it has a lot to see and we had so little time!

While in Japan I tried many different things I would never think about eating in Canada or that Canada would even have. Some things that stick out in my mind are Mochi which is a sticky chewy consistency almost like gum! that has a bunch of fillings or sauces on the outside. The thing that surprised me the most and slightly scared me was a salad, I thought it was all vegetables but after thinking these shredded pieces that appeared to be daikon  turned out to be little fish I was a little scared! One last thing was umeboshi: or pickled plums.. they sound nice.. but they are the most bitter things in the world! I tried REAL ramen! Strawberry Churros, the best hamburgers in the world! I also tried Japanese Mcdonalds which was honestly the best thing, It was real chicken and just lovely (even though still unhealthy).  My favourite thing I ate there was Ohagi, which is rice ball dipped in sweet soy bean flour! It was amazing!

They’re are many uniquely Japanese things we experienced my favourite was Japanese culture day that our host school held for us! They gave us each our own Yukata to keep! They also gave us the opportunity to participate in a traditional tea ceremony! One thing that I personally experienced every morning was a long commute to school by train, and bus. It was two hours each way. That already sounds crazy but when you add to the fact that these trains are crowded to the point you can’t move or breathe it gets a little chaotic! The funny things about the train is that people can just fall asleep standing up! In school we took a calligraphy class, which is actually really hard. We also spent a night doing karaoke which was amazing, you can’t go to Japan without doing karaoke!

Thanks for reading my blog about Japan, comment with any questions you may have!                   i’ll be happy to answer them!


Written by: Karli Ralston

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