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Trying to write about myself is probably one of the hardest things for me, but i would like to start by Thanking you for taking the first step to learning about my story. I’m Karli Ralston and I’m from Prince George, British Columbia. I am seventeen and am currently a principal list student in grade 11, at College Heights secondary. I enjoy highland dancing, soccer, public speaking, and volunteering. I love to go out of my way to help people in need. When I graduate I aspire to either become a preschool teacher or psychologist, I also aspire to travel the world. Starting tomorrow when I go to Japan, which is very exciting!     My platform is to help raise awareness against bullying in a school environment. I chose this as my platform because for many years I have been subject to bullying in school. To help raise awareness, I would like to go to elementary schools and talk to children to stop bullying where it starts. My experience at pageant was simply amazing, I met so many fantastic people and became fast friends. I learned so much about how to project myself and about my inner beauty as well as being able to open up to others. I learned so much, I recommend this experience to everyone!  I’d like to thank you for reading my first post and hope that you stay posted in the future for more blog entries! Thank you readers!



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On the third day, all of the girls went to Extreme Fitness to try a new workout with Stephanie Joanne that was going to be on CityLine TV. We got there, and I was expecting to be smiling nicely and demonstrating some moves from her workout, but we actually had to do the workout! Getting ready that morning was a waste of time! The workout we did left everyone sweaty and tired, and girls are still complaining that their legs are sore. After the workout, we were provided with lunch from Fuel Foods. We ate grilled chicken and different salads; it was very good! Next, we headed back to the hotel to get changed, and behind rehearsals. I forgot what dancing for four hours in heels felt like up to this point! Learning the opening number and bikini routine was fun though, and the moves were quite easy. It’s going to look great once it’s all put together on stage!

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Mentor Night in Toronto July 15th 2012.

After a long and busy day, all of the girls settled down in the Westin Bristol Hotel for Mentor Night. We were fortunate enough to have four beautiful and inspirational women come to speak to us, share their stories, and pass on their knowledge.

Dr. Natalie Archer is an intelligent Toronto dentist who began her dental career in 2001 and believes that we are “not fully dressed without a smile”. Dr. Archer began her speech by telling us that it’s okay if we aren’t 100% sure of our career aspirations. She explained her beliefs about why education is the most important thing, and shared with us a quote that a wise person once told her, “no one can ever take away your education”. This really meant a lot to me because of how much I value my education. Dr. Archer also shared 4 Key Messages with us:

  1. The importance of women in society; all women need to “think big” and “control your own destiny”.
  2. 38% of women are the biggest financial supporters of families, which means mother’s are under more pressure than ever. Dr. Archer advised us to set our limits and never to lose ourselves.
  3. Children and having a family may or may not be important, but if it is, be sure to make it a priority before its too late.
  4. Dr. Archer believes that the power of being involved in boards and organizations are really important, and encouraged us to join one if we haven’t already.

I really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Archer, and I am looking forward to seeing her again this week, as she is one of the Miss Teen Canada-World judges! She has managed to have a career and a family while building a career as a hospital dentist. Natalie is passionate about giving back.

Melani Chong  has been in fashion and beauty for over 15 years, Canadian Ford Model and mom of two children, Melani Chong developed a personalized skin care line called Soya Boutique. Melani told us the story about how she became a model, and how she always had a bad impression of the industry. After her father entered her in a search for models at the local mall, she was selected  by a modelling agency and eventually signed with Ford. Melani also had the opportunity to be the face of MAC Cosmetics and also coached modelling classes. She recognized how amazing those experiences were, but she wanted more. Melani chose to go back to school to become a chemist, and developed Soya Boutique. Her company promotes organic and local products. From all of Melani’s experiences, she learned to “always keep learning”. Her favourite quote is “wisest is he who knows what he does not know” – Socrates. Melani had such great advice for us, and reminded us that rejection is very common but usually opens new doors. Her biggest message to us was to “maintain passion and integrity”.  Melani has accomplished so many things, and has developed an amazing company. Soya Boutique has organic products are a natural skin care collection that is useful for the whole family.

Katrina Hadden is a health and wellness specialist, size 12 model, life coach, motivational speaker and the author of the best-selling self-help book, Making It In High Heels. Before Katrina began her speech she told us that she read everyone’s biography on the Miss Teen Canada website, and wrote us each a note! I really appreciated that she took the time to learn about each girl and relate to us individually. Katrina shared a story with us about her struggles with bullying as a child because she was always the “tall girl”. Instead of getting down on herself, Katrina began playing competitive basketball, until she was injured in her senior year. From this experience, Katrina learned to have other dreams. She initially rejected the idea of modelling, but after some convincing from her friends, Katrina took the chance. Kristina went through many ups and downs throughout her modelling career, but she became a successful model through a Panasonic commercial, appeared on CityLine TV, CTV, and print commercials. Katrina’s biggest message to us was to build as much confidence as possible, and I think that is very relevant to what the Miss Teen Canada-World contestants go through. I thought Kristina related to each girl very well, and I will never forget her stories and advice. Kristina is known for her positive energy and contagious smile, she helps her clients get better focused to achieve their goals and dreams . Katrina Hadden Life Coaching for Athletes has been a life coach for over eight years, specializing in Stress Management, Personal Development, Work-Life Balance and Health and Wellness


Alexandra Orlando

Alexandra Orlando is a highly decorated world-class Rhythmic Gymnast. Her wisdom can be found inside the pages of an award winning book called In Pursuit of Victory. Alexandra began by sharing advice that she believes is most important; She told us to figure out who we want to be and not who we are. Alexandra also reminded us that we are so much stronger than we think we are. She learned these important beliefs after a heartbreaking gymnastics event where she missed qualifying for the olympics by one tenth of a point. Alexandra said her “whole world came crashing down” and she shared a very emotional poem that she wrote during her struggles. After Alexandra took time off gymnastics, her body had changed and when she was ready to try again, she was told she couldn’t do it. She proved those people wrong! Alexandra turned everything around and qualified for the olympics in 2008 after getting a business degree. Alexandra reminded us to never be scared to fail. I thought her speech was so inspiring and she was very open with us. Alexandra has just published her second motivational book, Breaking Through My Limits: An Olympian Uncovered.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mentor Night and I learned so much from such intelligent and successful women. They were all so honest with us about they’re experiences and had great advice.

Written by: Kristie Girard
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We woke up this morning, and didn’t have to get ready at all which was nice! After having breakfast I was one of the first girls to get my hair done for the interview, photo shoot, and video shoot. I loved how my hair turned out and the guy doing it was so funny! The hair dressers were from Woody Michleb Salon, and they’re also doing our hair for the final night. Next, I went to makeup. The makeup artists from Glow Academy were instructed to do a “smokey eye” on all of the girls, and I’m not a fan of heavy makeup so I was really skeptical at first!  I loved the result, and the makeup artist that did mine really took her time to make it look perfect. Since I was one of the first girls to be done hair and makeup, I went right to my interview. It went really went and I was surprised that I wasn’t even nervous! Following the interview was the photo shoot. It was my favourite part and I had lots of fun doing it. The photo’s should be on the Miss Teen Canada website soon under finalists! I can’t wait to see the results. Finally, I went to do the video shoot. This portion was not judged, but the top 20 girls will be featured in a Miss Teen Canada video on YouTube. The questions were easy, but when they asked me who my celebrity crush is, I said Justin Bieber; I don’t even like him! His name was just the first to come to my mind. We then began to practice our walks for the evening gown and bikini portion of the competition. Tonight was our final blogging assignment, called Mentor Night. This was a live blogging exercise where we listened to the life stories of four very influential and powerful women; Dr. Archer is a dentist and mother of two, Melani Chong was a Canadian Ford Model, and the founder of Soya Boutique, Katrina Hadden is a health and wellness specialist and a size 12 model, and Alexandra Orlando is a Rhythmic Gymnastic Olympian. The blog post about these amazing women and their great advice will be posted soon! After a very long and busy day I had dinner, got ready for the events to come tomorrow, and hopefully about to get a good sleep! Don’t forget to VOTE for me!

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I was up early this morning at 4:30 to get ready to board the plane to Toronto at 6:30! I met with three other BC delegates and we flew together. The flight wasn’t too long, and we went to the hotel right after. I was given my room number, and met my roommate Hailey Kloot, Miss Teen Southern Alberta! We organized our clothes and lined up our numerous

pairs of shoes, then went to registration. After handing in my essay and forms, we all were given our new sashes with our province on them. I am now back in my hotel room hungrily awaiting dinner after living off of Starbucks for the past 24 hours! Also, VOTING for the Miss Teen Canada “People’s Choice Award” has begun! The delegate who receives the most votes will automatically be fast-tracked to the top 20. To vote, please follow the link, enter your email in the bottom right corner, and sign up to become a voter! I’d like to thank everyone once again for their support, because without it I wouldn’t be here. I am so excited for the rest of the week and all of the experiences to come.

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This morning, CKPG, Prince George’s news channel, came out to my house to do an interview. When we were arranging for the interview, I was expecting to go into CKPG for it, but Julia Montague and Dave Branco from the CKPG News Team wanted to come over instead. This was a relief to me, because I’ve been so busy packing and getting ready. I felt very comfortable being at home for the interview and wasn’t nervous at all! Since the weather is so beautiful, we set up chairs and did the interview outside. Julia asked me questions about preparing for the pageant, the provincial pageant, and what I will be doing in Toronto. I also explained all the work I have put into this with my fundraising for Free the Children and volunteering to promote my platform. After the interview, they got a few shots of my Mom helping me put on my sash and crown and packing my suitcase into the car. It will be on the news tonight at 5pm, 6pm, 11pm, and tomorrow at 12! Now, back to packing my bags…

Written by: Kristie Girard

An assignment in my Writing 12 class was to compose a piece about self awareness. I wrote mine about the confidence I learned to have through the provincial Miss Teen Canada pageant. Please “heart” it on VerveGirl.

I could hear the crowds quieting and announcements starting. I felt as if my hands should be quivering or my heart rate speeding up, but that didn’t happen. I could feel my stomach tighten before I stepped on stage, but as soon as I walked into the light a smile covered my face and confidence spread throughout my body. One foot gracefully placed in front of the next, step, pivot, turn; just like we rehearsed.

The elevator ride to the lobby seemed to drag on forever. The door opened, and I saw the lineup of girls. Immediately, I began picking myself apart. Her shoes are way nicer than mine. Her hair is amazing. I wonder if she can tell that I’m wearing extensions. Look at her tan. Theres no way I can do this. Are they all as nervous as I am? I had never felt so insecure in my life. I had no idea that this short weekend of the Miss Teen Canada-World provincial competition would change so much.

“Girls, put on your heels.” we were instructed by the choreographer. We began to learn the opening number, but all it taught me at first is that I have two left feet! To make everything worse, I was to be in the centre of the stage. Soon, the numbness of my strappy silver heels overwhelmed my mind rather than my nerves about dancing, and I had learned the routine and even made some friends. As the day went on I became more comfortable, and found myself asking question or stating my opinion, when I usually would’ve remained quiet. I began to reach out to other girls to make friends and try to make them feel comfortable instead of being uncomfortable myself. I was completely unsure of where this newfound confidence was coming from, but I liked it! After lunch we were taught how to walk with grace in a gown, strut with confidence in a bikini, and sit properly for an interview. By the end of the day I changed from four inch heels to five inch heels, a part of my interview attire. The table of judges was set up at the very back of the ballroom, meaning I had to walk in those painful contraptions for what seemed like ages. I slowly lowered myself into the chair, placed one leg over another as I was taught, and my interview went surprisingly well; answers seemed to roll off of my tongue without effort. I sighed a breath of relief after the first day, said goodbye to all my new friends, and took my heels off as soon as I got out of that room!

The next day was full of rehearsals, hair and makeup, and girls praying they wouldn’t mess up. All day, each girl would come out of hair and makeup looking transformed! The day felt too short, and soon we were huddled in the back hallway waiting to go on stage. Every spare minute I had I was practicing the dance routine, or how to stand and pose. The clock struck 7:30 and we went on stage. The opening number has become a blur to me; I know I didn’t mess up and smiled the whole time, but I forget the details. The bikini part was next, and instead of feeling unsure of my body like I had expected, I walked with all the confidence I had. The evening gown portion of the night went well also. I felt as though I was walking with poise, I kept a smile on my face, and I didn’t trip on my dress. Next, was time to announce our platforms to the audience. I remembered to speak loud, slow, and smile, smile, smile. Finally it was time to line up to find out which girls would move onto the national competition. As I took my place on stage I was expecting to stand there in anticipation, and could only concentrate on the numbness that was quickly taking over my feet. While this thought consumed my mind, the girl next to me gave me a nudge and said, “that’s you, go!” I almost didn’t believe her until I felt my new crown being placed on my head and saw the red roses being presented to me by the former Miss Teen British Columbia. It was the best feeling in the world. For the rest of the night I could feel the radiance of the crown, and the confidence in myself that I had just discovered.

In just one weekend I learned so much about myself, and the importance of confidence than I had in seventeen years. I realized that I wasn’t as shy and insecure as I always felt. Being in the pageant taught me that energy wasted in self criticism is just that, a waste. My time is better spent accepting the things I cannot change and continually striving to improve the things I can. I have been so busy preparing for the National Miss Teen Canada-World 2012 competition with volunteering, planning fundraisers, getting involved in the community, and doing interviews, but it is all worth it. Through this experience I have discovered how to step out and become a leader, have confidence in any situation, and walk in unnaturally high heels.

Written by: Kristie Girard

Yesterday, my family and I hosted my final Free the Children Fundraiser, a barbecue at our house. My Dad has a huge family, so we invited everyone and a few of our close friends. Guests started to arrive just before two in the afternoon, and it was so good to see everyone! I didn’t have very many activities planned for the day, but I think everyone enjoyed sitting in the shade and visiting. I also had a silent auction table set up with items that were donated to me from very generous companies, like Andre’s Audiotronics, Van Houtte, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Spruce Credit Union. The silent auction was very successful! My Dad spent the day standing by the barbecue flipping burgers, and my Mom and I were busy refilling drinks and putting out different salads. It was great to catch up with family members that I hadn’t seen in awhile, and I loved to see everyone else doing the same thing! Everyone was so generous with donations, and we couldn’t have had better weather. I also got to see my little cousin Avery. She lives out of town so I don’t see her very often, but has told me that she wants to be a princess just like me! I got Avery a little sash that says “Beauty Queen” and a matching crown as a surprise. She was so cute when I gave it to her, and didn’t take them off for the rest of the day! I had a fun day, and I think my family enjoyed the barbecue as well.

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As a blog assignment, Miss Teen Canada-World delegates were asked to create a proposal for their own “dream TV show”. After recently graduating high school I am very familiar with the struggles that girls face throughout those challenging years. I want my TV show to provide girls with good advice, positive inspiration, and a sense of understanding.

The Idea

High school girls are often subject to common issues such as bullying, exclusion, and peer pressure; in more serious cases young girls battle eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, or family struggles. In Undercover Beauty, Miss Teen Canada would attend a high school in need, acting as a “new girl”. She would form a bond with a lonely girl, stand up for someone being bullied, support a teenager facing grief, or break the tension among certain cliques.

The Details

The TV show would be advertised through Facebook, a blog, Canadian Entertainment shows, and Canadian magazines. Undercover Beauty would be pitched to CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster.  School principles or counselors would be told  about the show, and could submit a case to the volunteer board. The volunteer board would be made up of young girls as well; they would be the ones to decide which schools to send Miss Teen Canada to. After reviewing the case from a high school, Miss Teen Canada would go undercover as a new student in the school, being enrolled in all the same classes as the girl who needs a friend. She would offer as much support as possible, all while acting as “the new girl”. Young women all over Canada watching this television show would learn from the experiences of Miss Teen Canada and hopefully observe how powerful friendship and optimism are. The girls that are helped by Miss Teen Canada will have gained a new friendship and received the necessary support. Each episode would feature a new case where Miss Teen Canada would have the opportunity to mentor a young girl, offer advice, and be a friend.


Burman Books, the publisher of self-help and motivational books would be a sponsor. Miss Teen Canada could learn from the authors of this company and gain strategies to help the young girls overcome the issue. This company would help the students grow personally, and give them the resources and encouragement to succeed. To ensure the healthiest and most realistic outcome, Miss Teen Canada would be guided and advised by this company.

Toronto Academy of Acting would also be a sponsor. This company could work with Miss Teen Canada by coaching her and improving her acting skills to take on the role of “the new girl” in each school that she attends. Toronto Academy of Acting would benefit from the advertising through Undercover Beauty, and in return, would help cover the costs of advertising Undercover Beauty.

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