As a blog assignment, Miss Teen Canada-World delegates were asked to create a proposal for their own “dream TV show”. After recently graduating high school I am very familiar with the struggles that girls face throughout those challenging years. I want my TV show to provide girls with good advice, positive inspiration, and a sense of understanding.

The Idea

High school girls are often subject to common issues such as bullying, exclusion, and peer pressure; in more serious cases young girls battle eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, or family struggles. In Undercover Beauty, Miss Teen Canada would attend a high school in need, acting as a “new girl”. She would form a bond with a lonely girl, stand up for someone being bullied, support a teenager facing grief, or break the tension among certain cliques.

The Details

The TV show would be advertised through Facebook, a blog, Canadian Entertainment shows, and Canadian magazines. Undercover Beauty would be pitched to CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster.  School principles or counselors would be told  about the show, and could submit a case to the volunteer board. The volunteer board would be made up of young girls as well; they would be the ones to decide which schools to send Miss Teen Canada to. After reviewing the case from a high school, Miss Teen Canada would go undercover as a new student in the school, being enrolled in all the same classes as the girl who needs a friend. She would offer as much support as possible, all while acting as “the new girl”. Young women all over Canada watching this television show would learn from the experiences of Miss Teen Canada and hopefully observe how powerful friendship and optimism are. The girls that are helped by Miss Teen Canada will have gained a new friendship and received the necessary support. Each episode would feature a new case where Miss Teen Canada would have the opportunity to mentor a young girl, offer advice, and be a friend.


Burman Books, the publisher of self-help and motivational books would be a sponsor. Miss Teen Canada could learn from the authors of this company and gain strategies to help the young girls overcome the issue. This company would help the students grow personally, and give them the resources and encouragement to succeed. To ensure the healthiest and most realistic outcome, Miss Teen Canada would be guided and advised by this company.

Toronto Academy of Acting would also be a sponsor. This company could work with Miss Teen Canada by coaching her and improving her acting skills to take on the role of “the new girl” in each school that she attends. Toronto Academy of Acting would benefit from the advertising through Undercover Beauty, and in return, would help cover the costs of advertising Undercover Beauty.

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Now that the National Miss Teen Canada Pageant is exactly one week away, it’s starting to feel real! The time between the provincial pageant and now has gone by so quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’d like to thank my latest sponsor. Acme Janitor Service Ltd. is a company that specializes in window cleaning, carpet cleaning, janitorial supplies, janitorial services, and parking lot maintenance. For more information about Acme, visit their website, or call 250-564-4309. I would also like to thank A. L. Sims & Son Ltd. for their generous support. They provide quality work in areas of repair, rebuild or remanufacture of machinery, and specialize in equipment rental and sales. For more information about A. L. Sims & Son please visit their website or contact them. I would once again like to thank my entire family for their financial and moral support. Everyone has been so generous and kind, and none of this would be possible without them. I’m looking forward to my final Free the Children Fundraiser tomorrow, a big family barbecue!


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After attending Canada Day at Fort George Park, Carol Gass from The Wolf @97fm asked me if I would co-host with her! I was more than happy to agree. Yesterday morning I woke up at 5am and got ready quickly, because I was asked to arrive there at 6am. When I got there Carol greeted me and made me feel very comfortable. She showed me around and introduced me to everyone. At 6 o’clock, we began! The first thing she asked me to do was announce the weather for the week. I almost stumbled over my words because of nerves, but I managed to gather myself. After this, it got easier. Being on the air with Carol was more like having a regular conversation with her, and was actually really fun. She gave me the opportunity to talk about the pageant, explain what I’ve been doing, talk about my platform and thank my sponsors. She also did  “10 Things We Didn’t Know About Kristie” where I regrettably had to admit my first kiss was in grade 6! The three hours I spent with Carol were very fun, and went by so fast! I learned more about public speaking and I think that it was very good practice for me. So, thank you to Carol, and The Wolf for having me!

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getting ready to leave for Europe

As a part of the Miss Teen Canada Blogging Competition, delegates were asked to write a post about a dream vacation. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would choose Europe. Four years ago, my sister and I were fortunate enough to go on a trip to London, Paris, and Edinburgh with my Grandmother and Mother. We travelled to London first, staying there the longest; after London we went to Paris, then finished our time in the beautiful country of Scotland. My dream vacation would be to travel back to Europe with my sister. I feel like 3 weeks in Europe was a long time, but there is so much more that we wanted to see and do. I would take my sister on this

Big Ben in London

vacation with me, because she shares my passion for travel, my love for European culture, and she is my best friend. I always have the most fun when I am with Shawna, and she would be the perfect travelling partner because she is outgoing, knowledgable, and always makes the best out of situations. On our trip to Europe, we would visit London once again, but only for a few days. While in London, I would want to visit the Science Museum and the National Gallery, because I know that there is so much to learn and museums are the perfect place to be immersed in history and

Castel Sant' Angelo

discovery. After our time in London, it has always been my dream to travel to Italy. I would want to see the Castel S’ant Angelo, an ancient tomb of Emporor Hadrian that was built around 123AD. The feeling of wonder that surrounds landmarks like this is amazing, and I think the story behind the Castel S’ant Angelo is so interesting. While in Italy I would be sure to spend time in ancient Rome, visit the Vatican city, and eat spaghetti of course (my favourite)! Another country in Europe that I dream of going to is Switzerland. I would be sure to see the Swiss National Park and enjoy its 170 square kilometres of beauty, and the Castles of Bellinzona, the amazing architectural

Warwick Castle

structures built in the Alps. After Switzerland, I would want to return to the beautiful country of Scotland. This was the last destination on our previous trip to Europe, and the calming sense that accompanies the alluring nature of Scotland is very relaxing in comparison to the other busy countries of Europe. While visiting Scotland last time, we stayed in the Dallhousie Castle outside of Edinburg. This was a castle built around 1450 that is full of enchanting history. The rooms of the castle have been re-done to replicate what the rooms would have looked like hundreds of years ago, and each

Dallhousie Castle

room has a theme. Since I’ve already been here, it may be confusing as to why I would want to stay here again, but I have a good reason. One evening at this castle four years ago, my sister Shawna and I were wandering around the grounds taking in the beauty of it all. We began to walk down the road and in the distance, we saw an old abandoned church. It was obvious that this church was once a beautiful structure, but time had made it worn, and to me, a little creepy. Shawna insisted that we get closer and go adventure inside the church, but me, being the worrywart, told her we had to go back. To this day I still regret making her turn around, and I think adventuring inside the

Dallhousie Castle

mysterious church would have made a great story.  So now, I think I owe it to Shawna to go back to Dallhousie Castle, find our abandoned church, pretend we’re still 13 and 14, and go for an adventure. From my past experience, travelling in Europe can be tiresome, and after three weeks I was ready to go home. I would want this vacation to be four weeks long, to allow us time to spend one week in each country. Europe is so full of amazing history, interesting culture, and unforgettable beauty. On my last trip to Europe I learned so many things, and I know that this trip I would uncover even more knowledge with my sister who is interested in the same thing.

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Castel Sant’ Angelo photo

Other photo’s are from my previous trip to Europe.

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Arbonne is a cosmetic and skin care company that maintains a promise to deliver pure, safe, and beneficial products. Arbonne uses only premium botanical ingredients paired with innovative scientific discovery and a commitment to only the purest ingredients. Arbonne works closely with the Institute of Research and Development (AIRD®) facility in Switzerland, where they continually make scientific advances towards formulas meeting their standards for quality, safety and sustainability. Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:

  •  Animal products or animal by-products
  •  Parabens
  •  Formaldehyde donating preservatives
  •  The following petroleum-based ingredients:
  •  Benzene
  •  Mineral Oil
  •  Petrolatum
  •  Phthalates
  •  Toluene
  •  PABA

Arbonne also maintains a Purity and Safety Policy where they review ingredients based on the most objective, conclusive, scientifically supported sources available. My favourite Arbonne skin care product is the FC5 Complexion set that contains the Purifying Cleanser + Toner and an Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20, and Night Creme. I really like these products because they are very hydrating but don’t leave my skin feeling oily. I heard about Arbonne through my sponsor, Jennifer Mackie. I met with her today, and her friend who is a makeup artist. They tried out different techniques to help me find a look that I liked, and one that I could do myself quickly while in Toronto. Jennifer was so helpful in creating a makeup package that was perfect for me, and I can’t wait for my order to come in! My favourite makeup products are the Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 15  in Medium, all of the eyeshadows, the lipstick in the colour rose petal, and the brush set. The makeup looks really natural and doesn’t feel too heavy. For more information visit the website, or contact Jennifer at I’d like to thank Jennifer for her support and generous sponsorship!

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A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in the annual Canada Day festivities at Fort George Park. The event is put on by the Multicultural Heritage Society of Prince George. I was asked to meet behind the stage at 11:30 to prepare for the opening ceremonies that began at 12. While waiting to begin, Carol Gass, an old neighbour of ours approached my Mom and I and we began to catch up. After talking about the pageant she invited me to join her with The Wolf @ 97 FM to host the morning show on the radio. I was more than happy to agree; I think it will be a great opportunity to practice my public speaking! She was also hosting the opening ceremonies, so she introduced me on stage as Miss Teen Prince George, and told the audience a little story about me when I came trick or treating to her house as a child. Backstage, I also met the Mayor of Prince George, Sheri Green. She was very interested in hearing about my journey to Miss Teen Canada, and offered me some advice about always being myself. Another lady backstage, Monica, approached me and told me about the pageants that she won at my age. She was a delegate for the Miss Canada pageant in Toronto! Monica gave me her business card and asked if we could meet so she could give me some more tips and advice. I’m really excited to hear about her  experiences with pageants! Participating in the ceremonies gave me the chance to thank the city of Prince George for all the support I have received over the past few months. Following this, I was given small Canadian flags to hand out to everyone at the park. Many people stopped to congratulate me, wish me luck, and take pictures. I love attending events like this because it is a great way to be involved in the community and promote the pageant and my platform. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Canada’s 145th Birthday!

With the mayor of Prince George, Sheri Green.

With Pat Bell, an MLA of Prince George


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About 2 weeks ago, my Nana and I were discussing possible fundraiser ideas, and I mentioned having a bake sale. Before I even had chosen a location or date, I received a phone call from Nana telling me she had a freezer full of baked goods for my fundraiser! She also told me that many of her sisters, and my great grandmother had already begun baking for me as well. I began phoning a few places to ask about hosting a bake sale, and Canadian Tire was happy to help me! After the word got out about my fundraiser, more and more family and friends started baking. I am so thankful for all the support; it made this fundraiser very easy and made me feel a lot less pressure! I’d also like to thank Save-On Foods for donating hundreds of trays for the baking to be packaged in.

The Bake Sale

Early this morning my family was up, packing a car load of baked goods, and on our way to Canadian Tire. When we walked through the front doors, Nana was already there ready to set up! We unloaded all of the food, and had so much that it couldn’t all fit on the table. Canadian Tire customers were very supportive and interested in my fundraising, and journey to Miss Teen Canada-World. I had a sign set up that outlined information about the pageant, Free the Children, and what I have been doing in the community. Many people stopped and took the time to read it. After about an hour went by, a lady approached the table and told me that she heard about my bake sale on the radio! I had no idea that it was going to be advertised, and I’m still not sure how they knew about it, but I’m very grateful for their support! So thank you to The Wolf! After visiting their website today, I found another advertisement for my bakesale on Prince George’s Online Headquarters! Another few hours went by and the baking was continuing to go over very well. By 3:30, all that was left over was one tray of cupcakes, a tray of cookies, and a few muffins! It was great meeting so many people and having the opportunity to explain what I am doing. I received many encouraging words and congratulations. It was a very successful day! As always, I need to thank my wonderful Mom and Dad, everyone who baked and helped with the fundraiser (especially Nana), my family, Canadian Tire, and all the supportive people in my community!

Before we began

Halfway through...

All that was left over... A successful bake sale!

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Once again, I have many people in the city of Prince George to thank. I have been so fortunate and blessed to have numerous people in my community show their support through sponsorship, donations, encouraging words, and baking! My whole family, and many friends have spent the past week baking for my bake sale this morning, June 30th, at Canadian Tire! This fundraiser begins at 11 o’clock, all proceeds will go to Free the Children, and I can promise the treats are delicious! Also, I would like to thank my two latest sponsors. Northern Capital Wood Products is a great company that renovates or builds new homes. They specialize in kitchens, hardwood flooring, and granite countertops. They have recently renovated my family’s kitchen, and the result was beautiful! For more information, contact Northern Capital Wood Products, or stop by and check out their showrooms! I would also like to thank Cycle North Enterprises for their generous support. For more information about Cycle North, visit their website, like their Facebook page or contact them! I’m so thankful for the community of Prince George and my supportive family and friends.

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For the past 8 weeks I have been volunteering with the Prince George RCMP Victim Services in their Run for Fun Program with girls ages 10-15. I met with the group of about 50 girls to train at 4pm every Tuesday. The girls were divided in to groups based on their running abilities, and each group was assigned leaders. My group chose the name “Rainbow Ninja’s” and all became close friends! Each week we would aim for a better running time, and the girls noticeably improved! It was great seeing so many young girls being active and making new friends. I was fortunate enough to become friends with some of the girls, and I got an opportunity to speak to everyone about my platform, compassion. After seeing such improvement in everyones running, I loved seeing the girls all ready to go in their purple “Run for Fun” T-shirts this morning. After registration at 10am, the girls were lined up and ready to go at 11am. They were about to run a 5km route around Fort George Park and the surrounding neighbourhood. My job was to stand at one of the intersections to stop traffic and cheer everyone on. After all the girls had passed me I went to the finish line. The first place award went to a girl with the time of 23 minutes! I thought that was amazing for someone so young. All the girls finished in under 50 minutes and everyone had a smile as they passed through the finish line. Following the race, everyone gathered around picnic tables to enjoy a healthy lunch of sandwiches, vegetables, and fruit. The awards were then handed out to all of the deserving girls! I asked Jenna, an 11 year old girl in my group, what she learned from the program. Her response was, “Well, I never thought I could run 5 km. So I guess what I learned, is to always have faith in yourself.” I thought that this was the perfect answer. The Run for Fun Program is a way for girls to be active, learn about a healthy lifestyle, and make friends! I had so much fun volunteering, and I hope to be a leader again next year. 

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At the beginning of my senior year at Prince George Secondary School I began volunteering as the Young Blood For Life Co-ordinator at my school. This is an annual challenge from Canadian Blood Services to promote blood donation among youth. As a co-ordinator I was encouraged to speak to my peers about donation and gather as many donors as possible. I held a presentation for classes to go over the requirements and benefits of donating blood. I also set up a booth during lunch hour with information and a sign up sheet. Canadian Blood Services is very helpful by providing brochures, presentation and information booths, posters, and taxi’s to transport donors from the school to the clinic. Once I began promoting the challenge and gaining the interest of my peers, it became easier. Many donors that had a good experience at the clinic were happy to donate for PGSS again. The challenge was from October 2011-May 2012, and throughout the school year my school wavered between 1st and 2nd place against the 4 other high schools. I am very proud to say that I led my school to achieve first place in the Young Blood for Life Challenge of 2012! This would not have been possible without the help of my parter co-ordinator and friend, Isha Sangha.

Blood donation is also an aspect of my platform, compassion. I believe that it is compassionate to take one hour out of your life and save up to three lives. Donating blood is simple yet it helps so many.

In order to donate blood you must:

  • Be 17 years of age
  • Not have had a piercing or tattoo in the past 6 months
  • Drink lots of water and eat a good meal prior to donation
  • Be in good health

Every minute of everyday, someone in Canada is in need of blood, and just one hour of your time can save up to 3 lives! Even if you are unable to become a blood donor, Canadian Blood Services has a great volunteer program to be involved in. Please, be a hero and make an appointment to donate blood here, or call 1 888 2 DONATE.

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