Today, like every Tuesday, I volunteered with the Run for Fun Pavement Princess group. At the beginning of every session there is a presentation on different issues facing young girls, and today I was asked to talk to the girls. I began by talking about myself and the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant, explaining everything I learned during my weekend in Vancouver. I talked about all the exciting experiences I will have in Toronto, and everything I have been busy with in the past 2 months. This was my first time wearing my crown and sash around the girls and it was so cute seeing their reactions! I also got a chance to talk about my platform, the Charter for Compassion. I challenged each girl to wake up in the morning and think of 3 small things they can do to make someone else’s day. I gave everyone some examples of kind things to do for others, and talked about random acts of kindness. I also shared an experience of my own in grade 7 when I was bullied by other girls, and my teacher showed compassion to me everyday by taking the time to sit down and talk to me during lunch when I was alone. Before I finished the presentation I gave each girl a notecard that I bought for them to take home. I told them to think of someone in their life that they really appreciate and write a note of recognition or thanks on the card. I know how great it feels when somebody takes the time to thank me, and I thought it was a great way for the girls to show compassion! The girls all thanked me and when I asked them who they were going to give the card to, most of them said their moms. After we split into our separate running groups, the girls in my group took turns looking at my crown and asking me questions. Some were even saying they were going to apply for Miss Teen Canada! During our run I made sure I spent some time with each girl to ask her about school and invite her to my Princess Tea Party Fundraiser.  Now that the first month of the program is almost over, I’m getting to know all the girls better. Some of the girls in the group have come to me looking for advice, and I have been more than happy to help. I love being a positive role model for the girls, and I really hope that I can make a difference in some of their lives.

Written by: Kristie Girard

2 Responses to Prince George Pavement Princess Presentation

  1. Erin Young says:

    Kristie, I’m SO proud of you. This pageant journey sounds amazing but I know that you’ve always been kind and compassionate and truely aware of others. The boys still have their little certificates that you and Nicole made when babysitting them. Now they are getting close to babysitter age (!? I know) and they want to make some for the kids they’ll care for. Little things do make a big difference for someone and they do pay it forward.

  2. kristiegirard says:

    Aww thank you Erin! That means a lot to me 🙂

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