The worlds biggest focus in recent history is Global Warming and being Environmentally Friendly. The biggest question is how or what is Eco Friendly? When looking for cars you want fuel efficiency, appliances should be energy star, furniture can be recycled, as well as plastics and clothing, but when it comes to buildings, what should you look for? A popular company name Tiocoat has the answer! They have come up the white roof solution! The white roof reflects the light of the sun and in turn makes the building cooler, more places should invest in technology like this! 

When it came to picking a building in my community it was quite the challenge, we have many buildings in Prince George that are considered green! The University of Northern BC is known as “Canada’s Green University”, The new RCMP building being built as well as some schools, but when it came down to choosing one I had to go with the Two Rivers Art Gallery. 

The majority of the buildings in downtown Prince George run on The District Energy System. The District Energy System is a renewable source of energy, as well as help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The District Energy System also provides stability for the city of Prince George. The Two Rivers Art Gallery is one of many buildings downtown that runs on the District Energy System, this saves the Art Gallery 70% of the energy needed to run the Gallery for a month! The Art Gallery uses ambient LED lights that adjust to the changing light in the Gallery.  This helps save another 50% of used energy! The front of the gallery has floor to ceiling windows that allow the light in but keep the heat out in turn making the building very cool. One of the best parts of the Gallery that makes the building stand out in Prince George is the big beams! These beams are quite the eye stopper! They are made from small pieces of recycled wood that have laminated together to form a large beam. The front of the art gallery has eight of there massive beams! These beams would take eight big trees away from the rain forest but instead they used this Eco- friendly solution.

The Art Gallery runs a variety of programs through out the year. The one that is very close to my heart is called “Art Heals” it is a popular program at that incorporates art into the live of paediatric patients, as well as youth at the Psychiatric Assessment Unit. This program is an amazing way to give back to the community! The Art Gallery also has many different summer programs including BMO Kidz Art Dayz which I have the opportunity to volunteer at this year, as well as many other programs including dancing, painting, sewing, sculpting and many other activities that all use recyclable materials! The Art Gallery is Eco- Friendly and fun!

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Written by: Karli Ralston

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