My platform is the Charter for Compassion. This is an international organization that isworking to restore compassion into political, moral, and religious life. The Charter for Compassion is trying to build a global community where all nations, ideologies, and races can live among each other in peace. I believe that even the smallest actions can put compassion forth into our world, and remind others that acts of kindness make all the difference. This is my platform because I know how it feels to be having a bad day where nothing is going right, and just a small gesture of kindness can take away that feeling of hopelessness and make all the difference. Using the Charter for Compassion as my guide, I plan to go into classrooms, and work with the girls aged 10-15 in the “Pavement Princess” program, and speak about the urgent need for compassion in this globalized world. I think it is important for the youth of our world to grow up living by the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You can support the Charter for Compassion by “Affirming the Charter”.  To learn more about the charter please visit the website, Charter for Compassion. I also wrote more about compassion and what it means to me on Verve Girl, you can check out my post here. Please “heart” my post on Verve Girl to help me earn badges for the Miss Teen Canada Badge Program!

Written by: Kristie Girard

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