For the past 8 weeks I have been volunteering with the Prince George RCMP Victim Services in their Run for Fun Program with girls ages 10-15. I met with the group of about 50 girls to train at 4pm every Tuesday. The girls were divided in to groups based on their running abilities, and each group was assigned leaders. My group chose the name “Rainbow Ninja’s” and all became close friends! Each week we would aim for a better running time, and the girls noticeably improved! It was great seeing so many young girls being active and making new friends. I was fortunate enough to become friends with some of the girls, and I got an opportunity to speak to everyone about my platform, compassion. After seeing such improvement in everyones running, I loved seeing the girls all ready to go in their purple “Run for Fun” T-shirts this morning. After registration at 10am, the girls were lined up and ready to go at 11am. They were about to run a 5km route around Fort George Park and the surrounding neighbourhood. My job was to stand at one of the intersections to stop traffic and cheer everyone on. After all the girls had passed me I went to the finish line. The first place award went to a girl with the time of 23 minutes! I thought that was amazing for someone so young. All the girls finished in under 50 minutes and everyone had a smile as they passed through the finish line. Following the race, everyone gathered around picnic tables to enjoy a healthy lunch of sandwiches, vegetables, and fruit. The awards were then handed out to all of the deserving girls! I asked Jenna, an 11 year old girl in my group, what she learned from the program. Her response was, “Well, I never thought I could run 5 km. So I guess what I learned, is to always have faith in yourself.” I thought that this was the perfect answer. The Run for Fun Program is a way for girls to be active, learn about a healthy lifestyle, and make friends! I had so much fun volunteering, and I hope to be a leader again next year. 

Written by: Kristie Girard

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Thanks Kristie. good work

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