This morning I went downtown Prince George to help out with a local radio station’s contest. The River’s Shop Til You Drop Contest involved 60 contestants playing “Heads or Tails” to win a $5500 shopping spree. Contestants were asked to place their hands on their head for “heads” and on their bottoms for “tails”. After the coin was flipped the contestants with the “wrong” guess were eliminated. This was repeated, and went by very quickly. For the last five contestants I was asked to announce the result of the coin flip. I got to meet staff from 101.3 The River and announce the winner of the contest! Tomorrow I get to work with kids at Books & Company for their Earth Day event, and Friday I will be presenting awards for the Prince George Arts and Culture Award Night!

Written by: Kristie Girard

2 Responses to The River’s Shop Til You Drop Contest :)

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Take more pictures tomorrow and write anecdotes about things and people connected to the event. You have an inside look at the goings on here, and the rest of us would like to know how a radio station runs an event like that… what can you report to us? Also please link to the event homepage early in the piece. Link the text ‘The River: shop till you drop contest’ to the URL, by using the bit of chain button in the visual editor of your blog.

    • kristiegirard says:

      Thank you for your feedback! I linked the text, and added more detail. I will be sure to do this for all of my posts, Thanks!

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