As a blog assignment, Miss Teen Canada-World delegates were asked to create a proposal for their own “dream TV show”. After recently graduating high school I am very familiar with the struggles that girls face throughout those challenging years. I want my TV show to provide girls with good advice, positive inspiration, and a sense of understanding.

The Idea

High school girls are often subject to common issues such as bullying, exclusion, and peer pressure; in more serious cases young girls battle eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, or family struggles. In Undercover Beauty, Miss Teen Canada would attend a high school in need, acting as a “new girl”. She would form a bond with a lonely girl, stand up for someone being bullied, support a teenager facing grief, or break the tension among certain cliques.

The Details

The TV show would be advertised through Facebook, a blog, Canadian Entertainment shows, and Canadian magazines. Undercover Beauty would be pitched to CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster.  School principles or counselors would be told  about the show, and could submit a case to the volunteer board. The volunteer board would be made up of young girls as well; they would be the ones to decide which schools to send Miss Teen Canada to. After reviewing the case from a high school, Miss Teen Canada would go undercover as a new student in the school, being enrolled in all the same classes as the girl who needs a friend. She would offer as much support as possible, all while acting as “the new girl”. Young women all over Canada watching this television show would learn from the experiences of Miss Teen Canada and hopefully observe how powerful friendship and optimism are. The girls that are helped by Miss Teen Canada will have gained a new friendship and received the necessary support. Each episode would feature a new case where Miss Teen Canada would have the opportunity to mentor a young girl, offer advice, and be a friend.


Burman Books, the publisher of self-help and motivational books would be a sponsor. Miss Teen Canada could learn from the authors of this company and gain strategies to help the young girls overcome the issue. This company would help the students grow personally, and give them the resources and encouragement to succeed. To ensure the healthiest and most realistic outcome, Miss Teen Canada would be guided and advised by this company.

Toronto Academy of Acting would also be a sponsor. This company could work with Miss Teen Canada by coaching her and improving her acting skills to take on the role of “the new girl” in each school that she attends. Toronto Academy of Acting would benefit from the advertising through Undercover Beauty, and in return, would help cover the costs of advertising Undercover Beauty.

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4 Responses to Undercover Beauty

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    I love it Kristie. Miss Teen Canada is the new girl in school! Ha hah that’s great. Have you ever been the new kid? Its tough. I’d watch this show for sure!

  2. Gina Omilon says:

    Kristie! I LOVE this show! I have often thought that there should be a show like this (where someone goes undercover into schools) and I love that you made this your idea! It’s fantastic!

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